The 12 Days of Christmas, day four

The 12 Days of Christmas, day four

“On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…four calling birds.”

Old poems and songs evolve over time. Looking back at this 12 Days of Christmas ditty, there are references to this gift of “colly birds” and “calling birds” on the fourth day of giving. This got us wondering: What the heck is a “colly bird?”

A little digging tells us it’s a simple black bird.

So on our fourth day of Christmas, we look to a perfume gift inspired by a colly bird or black bird. Or we might instead go with the newer “calling bird” reference; as in song birds.

But even that—a perfume related to a song bird—isn’t easy.

So we got thinking about birds and bird houses. Beautiful wooden bird houses. And then we thought about wood.

Ah wood, now we’re on to something. (See how the word-association game goes?

Yes, I know, it took a little while to get to Tom Ford from colly birds, but thanks for your patience.)

We love a great woody fragrance. Which made us think about Tom Ford’s Oud Wood; that amazingly rich, moody and spicy spritz that is a favourite of many perfume lovers we know.

Tom Ford Oud Wood makes a beautiful gift. It’s a deliciously sexy scent for a man but intriguing also for the woman who loves to spritz on masculine colognes. For the record, it’s a smoky blend of rose wood and cardamom, oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber. It’s warm, sexy and sophisticated: A luxe scent for the serious perfume lover and/or fashionista in your life.

Tom Ford Oud Wood, $345 (100 ml), 

ICYMI, read about day three—three French hens—here, in our 12 Days of Christmas fragrance buying guide series.

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