The 12 Days of Christmas, day seven

The 12 Days of Christmas, day seven

“On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…seven swans a swimming.”

For this, the seventh day of Christmas in our 12 Days of Christmas perfume gift guide series, we were inspired by the elegance and aquatic heart of Balenciaga’s most recent perfume release, L’Edition Mer.

The swan metaphor inspired us here as it was Balenciaga’s Spring 2016 collection, held in Paris this October, that was the swan song for the talented designer Alexander Wang at the French fashion house. The show itself was held in a church complete with runway-length reflecting pools. Models walked, the water reflecting and shimmering onto them under the bright catwalk lights.

Interesting that Wang sent out endless outfits in every shade of white, transforming the models into swans flitting along the reflecting pools.

So on this seventh day in the 12 Days of Christmas, we’re all about swans and water and Balenciaga L’Edition Mer. It fits right into this day’s aquatic theme with its elegant wetness. The perfume sparkles with top notes of yuzu and shiso leaf; muguet, dry wood notes and seaside accords enter also to deliver warmth and modernity.

This is an ideal perfume gift for the fragrance lover on your list who favours the subtle over the obvious and sensational. It takes confidence, and a talented perfumer—in this case two of them, in Christophe Herault and Olivier Polge—to create something so nuanced and lovely.

And dare we say it, but this spritz is for the woman who doesn’t always wear perfume but loves a lighter touch; someone beautiful who you need to get close to, to truly appreciate.

Balenciaga L’Edition Mer, $145 (75 ml),


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