Editor’s pick: The best smelling body oil that also feels amazing

The best smelling body oil might seem like high praise—but I’ve never encountered something similar that also works great.

I was recently introduced to iconic French skin-care company Sisley which was founded in 1976, and is still run by the family that founded it. The collection of luxe skin saviours has, at its core, the mandate to use the best plant extracts to create the best skin-care products. (Although the brand has since expanded to include colour cosmetics and fragrance as well.)

But back to the best smelling body oil I’ve ever encountered. The scent? White ginger. Although there’s also rosemary and nut oils contributing to the scent. Fresh and light and airy it’s what you want your summer scent profile to be. Bonus, it makes my legs feel like a million bucks.

The actual skin-care benefits aren’t bad either. It’s toning—it’s marketed as a contouring oil—and super hydrating. The ingredient list includes vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba oil extract and shea oil for super smooth application that absorbs quickly.

I won’t pretend that this is a steal. At $240 it’s quite the luxurious leg oil. (And, full disclosure, I was sent a sample to test out.) But this stuff smells better than any oil I’ve encountered. Probably because ginger often doesn’t factor into many oils and it was such an unexpected surprise.

Sisley Paris White Ginger Contouring Oil for legs, $245, www.holtrenfrew.com

PHOTO: instagram.com/sisleyparisofficial

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