The best summer beauty looks and the fragrance to match

The best summer beauty looks and the fragrance to match

Flawless skin, sunkissed highlights, serious brows and a sassy pout: Maybelline makeup pro Grace Lee dishes on summer beauty trends and the perfumes to match.

Ah, summer beauty. When colour finally makes an appearance in our complexions and our skin recoups from overheated offices and desperately cold winds. Everything lightens up a bit and our makeup is no exception. Ditto fragrance.

We asked Grace Lee, Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York, to share her top spring and summer beauty looks for this season. And—we love this part—she went one step further and recommended the type of perfume she would pick to match. Get ready to get dolled up: Warm weather is finally here.

Skin is in

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Why we love it: Skin is always in, but this season we saw perfect visages at every show. “The models look as though they’re wearing little to no foundation,” says Lee, “but they have gorgeous complexions.”

How to get it: With this look, it’s all about perfecting that base, says Lee. “Start off sparingly and build up coverage.” (She recommends Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation.) The key here is not going overboard: Use as much as you need to get that flawless face, but keep it looking as natural as possible by using a light hand.

The perfect perfume to match: This look is all about dewy and fresh skin, so opt for a perfume with sweet or similarly fresh notes. Think youthful lightness.

Our pick: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria. This fresh citrus scent echoes the attitude of clear, beautiful skin and perfectly suits the mood of a hot summer day. $78 (75 ml),

Catch the light

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Why we love it: “Highlighted skin is a must have right now,” says Lee, “but you have to be careful that you don’t end up looking like a strobe light or disco ball.” This look is all about catching the light—not being the light.

How to get it: “I love strobing sticks to achieve this look. The format makes application precise and you can apply directly to the skin and then use your fingers to blend.” Lee also recommends using a powder highlighter if your skin is on the oilier side.

The perfect perfume to match: “I would go with sweeter perfume notes if you’re focusing on highlighting,” says Lee.

Our pick: Paco Rabanne Olympéa Intense. Pair the sweetness of vanilla with a fresh and saline salt note and you’ve got just enough glam to match your look-at-me makeup. $98 (75 ml),

Bold brows


Why we love it: Brows are getting less severe, but no less important this season. “Brows were fully groomed and lightly filled,” says Lee. The look is focused on keeping things looking naturally lush instead of uber-precise.

How to get it: “Brows require some precision even when they’re natural looking, so I like using a super-skinny pencil to fill in sparse hairs,” says Lee. This way you’re replicating what natural brow hairs look like. To finish, use a brow gel to hold everything in place.

The perfect perfume to match: Bold and bushy brows are almost boyish, so Lee recommends opting for a slightly more masculine spritz. Her choice? Musk, of course.

Our pick: D.S. & Durga Durga. A floral musky mix is ideal to match the style mindset of bold brows and summer sundresses. $350 (50 ml),

Lip service


Why we love it: “We’re seeing a lot of bright or interesting lips paired with a no makeup look on the face for every day,” says Lee. Take note: Adding a bright lip lets you pare down the rest of your beauty look while still adding a dose of impactful colour. For spring and summer, try corals, peaches and pinks in saturated hues. For extra beauty oomph, dress your eyes in a similar hue.

How to get it: “When you’re working with bolder colours on the lips, it’s important to make sure you’re lining the lip to avoid any colour bleeding,” says Lee. Make sure to pick a long-lasting formula to keep that pout in tip-top shape all day.

The perfect perfume to match: A bold lip just begs for a classic floral perfume—experiment with something rose, perhaps, as suggested below.

Our pick: Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature, a floral chypre with a classic floral character (rose, freesia and iris) plus sultry drama too(patchouli, vanilla and blackcurrant). $152 (100 ml),

Take a look at our favourite fashion trends for this season—and the perfume to match.

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