Basil, sage, rosemary: The herb garden inspires today’s green perfumes

Basil, sage, rosemary: The herb garden inspires today’s green perfumes

As Pantone dictates green as 2017 inspiration, we discover herbaceous notes energizing a roster of new green perfumes

Each year, Pantone’s Fashion Report provides us with insight into the upcoming runway collections, the new hues to paint on our walls and the direction perfumers are taking with their scents. Two of 2017’s famed 10 shades—Greenery and Kale—reside distinctly in the green category and allude to a season filled with life and hope.

“One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which colour was appearing in context that was different than the traditional,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in an interview with Global Cosmetic Industry. “Reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature, our Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling.”

And that feeling in perfumery is all about garden-fresh green perfume notes.

With perfumers sensing an emotional craving for a fresh start (to counteract 2016’s turbulent and uncertain political climate, no doubt), fragrance is being layered with more than cool marketing campaigns and jazzy names. It’s turning to spirit-lifting, confident, optimistic and joyous blends to refuel our souls. Now, with a refreshing injection of natural, bright, garden-friendly and electric scents, herbs are taking centre stage in perfume bottles across perfume countertops.

To name a few, Detaille Osmose is a fresh, spicy and elegant blend of vetiver, ginger and basil. Viktor & Rolf’s Lavender Illusion and Sage Spell, take growing your own herb garden to the next level, while Valentino Acqua Uomo is infused with so much sage, citron and tomato it feels like you could be strolling through the Italian countryside.

After all, who doesn’t want to experience a hope-filled fragrance with nature-inspired, garden-fresh sensibilities?

Inspired? Why not give one of them a try?

Detaille Osmose, $120 (50 ml),

Viktor & Rolf Lavender Illusion, $295 (75 ml),

Viktor & Rolf Lavender Sage Spell, $295, (75 ml),

Valentino Acqua Uomo, $115 (125ml),

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