The ultimate bachelor fragrances

The ultimate bachelor fragrances

By Ashley Kowalewski

The bachelor party in Vegas: The ultimate rite of passage for so many guys. There’s something so shamelessly appealing about that bold, bright, in-your-face city that just draws you in—not to mention the bromance aspect of being with some of your best buds. You can get cheap thrills, stay up all night and feel like a high roller while creating some entertaining memories (that may or may not include stealing a tiger—but you’ll take that to your grave, because of course what happens there, stays there). That’s what the City of Sin is all about.

The Hangover movie franchise has only heightened that iconic desire for a no-holds-barred guys’ weekend bachelor party in Vegas: That epic trip with your very own wolfpack (however quirky they may be—though we sincerely doubt any one of your friends could be more extreme than Zach Galifianakis’ character, Alan)—that totally tops every other party weekend before it.

With this in mind and with the release of The Hangover Part III in theatres today, we’ve been inspired to recommend some of the ultimate Vegas-bachelor-party-ready fragrances with appeal that might even last when the party is long over.

You walk off your private plane into the warm Nevada heat with all of your best buds tagging behind. You hop into the air-conditioned stretch limo that’s already waiting for you on the tarmac. You strutt straight to the front of the line at the hottest club while a hostess escorts you to your full-of-libations private booth, without even needing to ask your name. That’s Playboy VIP for Him. This gets-what-he-wants-no-questions-asked eau de toilette has top notes of rhubarb, bergamot and rum; a fresh, masculine heart of apple, watery accord and lavender; and a sweet and suave base of chocolate, tonka bean and sandalwood, for a strong, yet mysterious “who is that guy?” aura. $22 (50 ml),



The group of cute girls across the pool has been staring at you guys all day. You flash them a wry smile and they walk over, striking up a casual, yet flirty conversation, piquing the attention of that other group of cute girls. All of a sudden you’re really happy you spent all of those pre-Vegas months toning at the gym. David Beckham is one of the ultimate girls-flock-to-him guys, and with his latest cool, calm and collected fragrance Urban Homme, you’ll feel like that too. Green apple, mandarin and thyme offer crisp and cool top notes; lavender, violet leaves and pineapple make up the middle; and amber, suede and cedarwood warm up the base for an aromatic, hunky toilette. $35 (50 ml),

There’s nothing like the thrill of being up at one of the poker tables, dressed of course in your sleek new lean-fitting designer duds. Your friends are behind you silently cheering you on, and so are handfuls of spectators, all waiting for your next move. No one has taken a breath in what feels like hours. The dealer flips the last card and then…there’s a collective exhale and high fives all around. John Varvatos Artisan Black marries classic and unexpected notes—an aromatic-citrus top, combined with a spicy heart and woody base—for an elegant toilette that is exciting, and daring but refined all at the same time—just like your cool-as-a-cucumber poker face. $72 (75 ml),

Just remember, whether you’re a playboy, an athlete or a cool-headed aesthete, you really don’t have to indulge in the ultimate bachelor-party trip to enjoy these scents. In other words, these great guy fragrances can be worn in Vegas, but they don’t have to stay in Vegas.

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