The weirdest perfumes from Demeter

The weirdest perfumes from Demeter

Demeter Fragrance launches Kitten Fur, inspiring us to rediscover more of its wonderful and weirdest perfumes, from Fuzzy Balls to Holy Water.

Perfume house Demeter Fragrance has long excelled at the development of single-note and single-concept scents, from the lovely and understated to the highly unusual. Love the smell of aloe vera? Jasmine? Patchouli? Demeter has something exactly that for you. But how about Laundromat? Rain? Tootsie Roll? Pixie Dust? New Baby?

How can you not love those imaginative olfactory offerings?

So let’s look at Demeter’s weirdest perfumes.

There’s Kitten Fur.

According to the site, after 15 years of research and development, Demeter has created a warm and comforting scent to capture that smell spot right behind a kitten’s neck. We know everyone loves kittens (if you don’t you are a monster), but this seems like a very specific scent to want to spray on yourself. Maybe you take it with you when you have to be away from home and leave your kitties behind? It’s a little weird, so of course we also assume this will become a bestseller.

Fuzzy Balls

Demeter Fragrance is referring to tennis balls, but still. This is pretty ridiculous. This is a limited-edition offering, so if you really feel like you need to smell like Fuzzy Balls, you better get a move on. We don’t know anyone that loves tennis this much. And specifically, the smell of tennis balls. We’re thinking this fragrance opportunity had more to do with the name. Because you know that if you ask someone what scent they’re wearing and they reply “Fuzzy Balls”, you’ll—at the very least—get a giggle.

Holy Water

Okay, so it’s been awhile since we’ve been to church, but does Holy Water really have a different smell than regular water? Or is it the smell of the church the brand is trying to capture here? Either way, we’ve probably missed a great Buffy the Vampire Slayer joke opportunity here, but if you want to smell like church when you’re not actually at church, this is probably the fragrance for you.


Guys, mildew is a fungus. I’m not saying we don’t all like some weird smells that aren’t good for us (gasoline and permanent marker top the list), but seeking out the smell of fungi seems like a bad idea. You don’t want to be the person who smells like fungus. Plus, it might just be me, but when I smell mildew, I assume I need to clean and sterilize and get rid of the smell of mildew. So, no thanks.

New Baby

We’ve talked about New Baby before. And while we have to admit pretty much every Mom we’ve ever met says that newborns smell so good (specifically their heads), it’s still a little strange to make your go-to perfume the smell of a baby, don’t you think? No? We’re thinking this scent is rooted in pure nostalgia for parents who miss their growing children being babies.

Clean Windows

Yes, the smell of clean is good. And Demeter has plenty of clean scents. Soap and Laundromat come to mind, and we’re all about that fresh-laundry smell. But clean windows? We’re just reminded of Windex. And doing chores. And now we could really use a pick-me-up because chores are no fun. Maybe a Cupcake or a Gin & Tonic?

Let us know if the comments—what are the weirdest perfume smells you’ve come across?

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