Thierry Mugler: Angels in Leather

Thierry Mugler: Angels in Leather

Thierry Mugler knows a thing or two about leather. We recall highlights: Jerry Hall in Mugler-designed, head-to-toe black patent in the early 1990s; Tyra Banks in his black leather strapless jumpsuit; and of course, Gaga in Mugler’s thigh-high, black-leather, heel-less platform boots at the Grammy’s. Not to mention the man himself: Leather has long been the designer’s signature go-to garb.

Perhaps then it should come as no surprise that when Mugler was thinking of a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his break-the-mould Angel fragrance, he fantasized about leather.

But rather than steer to S&M, the Paris-based creator went refined. This fall, Mugler introduces The Leather Collection, a lineup of his signatures scents—Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men—where each in the quartet has been steeped in leather vats, leather vats which hand-crafted in the age-old, artisanal traditions of European glove-making. The result: each fragrance is a new, dark and smoky twist on its original.

Not only do these limited-edition leather scents feel apropos for the cooler, darker attitude of autumn—it is boot season, after all—they also pay homage to Mugler’s love of leather as luxe runway and red-carpet spectacle.

Fragrance of Leather Eau de Toilette, $106 each (30 ml Non-Refillable).

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