Tom Ford Vert de Bois: Wonderfully lush and green

Tom Ford Vert de Bois: Wonderfully lush and green

Green goes glam in the new Tom Ford perfume collection.

Anytime Tom Ford announces a new fragrance launch, it’s exciting. But a new private-blend debut of four new scents that are all green? Call it heaven for this particular writer.

First impression of Vert de Bois…

Tom Ford Vert de Bois is my favourite of the new green quartet (rounded out by Vert Boheme, Vert d’Encens and Vert de Fleur). It sits in the middle of the collection in terms of olfactory intensity, and, as the name suggests, takes a woody spin on aromatic green notes.

The facts

Ford was apparently inspired by the 1970s, and wanted to take green notes back to a more glamorous moment in time.

I don’t know about glamour, but Vert de Bois is definitely steeped in luxury. It’s a rich, green scent that feels perfectly suited to fall when layers get heavier and warmer, but the air is cool and crisp. It’s this play of warm and cool that Vert de Bois does really well, offering a sharp floral alongside hazy woods.

The notes are intriguing: Extract from unopened poplar-tree buds (balsam), combine with ouzo, olive tree leaves and plum. It’s a fresh, earthy and intoxicating opener. Lentisque (an evergreen relative of the pistachio tree) and jasmine add sharpness to the heart of the perfume, while pepperwood, cistus and toasted oakwood bring a warm, comforting dry down.

If you like green, earthy scents with a bit of an edge—and a hint of luxury too (think glamping vs camping), then this is a scent for you. Tom Ford rarely disappoints, and while the brand’s entire Private Blend Extraits de Verts collection is covetable, this one begs to be worn all season long.

The rating: ★★★★/★★★★★


Tom Ford Private Blend Vert de Bois, $225 (50 ml),

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