Top tips on scenting your home from Nest Fragrances

Top tips on scenting your home from Nest Fragrances

Something citrus, smoky, green, aromatic: Perfume your space well and you’ll be the host with the most, says Nest Fragrances’ Laura Slatkin.

Prepping for your next dinner party or drop-in? Think about fragrance as a most effective and stylish tool for the modern host. We asked Laura Slatkin, Founder and Executive Chairman of Nest Fragrances, for her top tips on how to create an unforgettable-smelling home that everyone will be raving about long after the soirée. Take a read!

INLINE_11. Make a scent-sational first impression

Think of your entranceway or foyer as an opportunity to wow people at hello. Your guests will pass through this area quickly but it will be the first indicator to your invitees of the hospitality and charm that is to come. Choose scent wisely here as it can be your signature.

Looking for other suggestions? Check out the signature home-scent choices by a host of other stylemakers and trendsetters here.

2. Scent your entertaining rooms with citrus

This choice, whether grapefruit or orange, lemon or mandarin, pomelo or yuzu, is just the ticket for living rooms where you’ll be cocktailing and conversing, says Slatkin. Citrus is universally appealing. Her first choice: Nest Fragrances Grapefruit. The candle features notes of pink pomelo grapefruit with green notes, lily of the valley and coriander flower.

FYI, at The Whale & The Rose, we’ve been using the Grapefruit room diffuser for our office scent as of late. It’s fresh and elegant smelling, and the citrus keeps us on the ball when 3pm fatigue creeps in.

INLINE_23. Think sultry and cozy fragrances in your library, den or family room

For cozying up rooms—where you snuggle and read or watch your favourite flicks—you should employ a scent that’s warm, rich and enveloping. Nest’s Vanilla Orchid and Almond is Statkin’s number-one choice. At The Whale & The Rose, we’ve been chilling out after work with Moroccan Amber.
We’re also big fans of the woody, mossy, smoky and spicy candles at Indigo, and also Restoration Hardware’s soothing and sultry French Oak candle.

4. Charm guests in the powder room with an unexpected perfume

You can go for a more unusual scent in this small space, says Slatkin. Your guests aren’t really lingering here. For us, that means this fragrance can be more about you than them. She loves her brand’s Bamboo scent for this space.

5. Consider the passions of your bedroom visitors when you scent

“Always think about who will be coming into that room,” says Slatkin with a wink. We concur. After all, Mr. Handsome might not be that into jasmine. Instead of florals for the bedroom then, lemongrass and lavender might be your better choice, says the VP.

Our opinion also leans to gourmand scents for this most intimate of space. After all, edible notes of vanilla, chocolate and praline might be ideal given that food is the way to many of our hearts and souls.

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