A soapy clean scent to start the fall season

A soapy clean scent to start the fall season

Writer Alex G. Brown shares her fall #TWTRspritz, Philosophy Pure Grace.

On the first of August, I bought a new scent on an impulse: Pure Grace by Philosophy. I had just come home from a camping trip and after a weekend in the woods, a little part of me knew that I wanted to trade in my hazy summer scents for something crisper and more put-together.

In true Philosophy fashion, the package even explained, poetically, that Pure Grace would manifest “the clean smell of soap and water” and “the one white T-shirt that feels better than all the rest.”

With September on its way, the need for newness and change had already started creeping into the periphery of my consciousness.

In all honesty, I didn’t read the box or think about the significance of this purchase until later. The scent got me right away. It smelled like baskets filled with clean laundry and the comfort of a bed with freshly changed sheets, or that dewy fall smell that hangs in the air when you wake up early enough to catch it.

It smelled like how new school clothes feel on your skin. Somewhere in between the white flowers, jasmine, and musk, Pure Grace becomes both airy cool and warm cozy. With it, I found a transitional scent that embodies the couple weeks of seasons shifting—a brief period so difficult to capture but wonderful to be a part of.

Notes: bergamot, water lily, jasmine, musk, lavender.

Philosophy Pure Grace, $60 (60 ml), www.sephora.com

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