Under-$50 Friday: Closer by Halle Berry

Under-$50 Friday: Closer by Halle Berry

A beautiful woman in a white men’s shirt. Or in black biker boots. Or a boyfriend blazer. The pairings are iconic, subtle and undeniably sexy.

Halle Berry taps that masculine-meets-feminine metaphor in her new perfume, Closer, the fifth in her scent portfolio. Advertising for the fragrance shows a radiant, 46-year-old Berry clad in a classic button-down (open to reveal a hint of black lacy bra, of course) with a man’s arms embracing her from behind.

And master perfumer Jacques Cavallier (his scent CV includes fragrances for Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, among others) likewise bridged the gender divide in concocting the scent. He marries distinctly masculine notes—a fougère accord, and woods of cedar and mahogany—with feminine floral notes—violet, and mimosa, reportedly Berry’s favourite bloom. By topping the toilette with fresh raspberry, waterlily and an ozonic accord and layering in cashmere musk and vanilla bean at the base, he achieves a feminine, skin-like sultriness.

On first sniff, you experience the men’s-cologne-inspired fougère notes, but then the fragrance opens to reveal its floral, feminine heart. It’s a fresh departure from the many sweet and juicy celebrity florals crowding the shelves.

All in all, the fragrance, not to mention its price, is just as sexy as Berry in that white oxford shirt.

Closer by Halle Berry EDP, $35 (30 ml), www.halleberryfragrances.com, www.shoppersdrugmart.ca



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