Video: an Alexander McQueen perfume window

Video: an Alexander McQueen perfume window

The new Alexander McQueen Parfum, due out this summer, promises to epitomize the luxurious, Gothic and darkly beautiful identity of the house.

It was 2005 when we last saw a new Alexander McQueen perfume. In fact there have only been two spritzes launched by the house: Kingdom (2003) and My Queen (2005). And when we think of fashion houses that we wish created more in the fragrance department, McQueen sits close to the top of the list.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.43.14 PMIntricate, architectural, dark, moody, Gothic—a well-done eau for the house promises to be so many things.

The new Alexander McQueen perfume.

The good news? Another Alexander McQueen perfume is coming—this summer. And it sounds like all of these things, and at the most luxurious level.

Although the fragrance is set to be available only online to Canadians, it sounds worth the effort—even if you can’t test drive it first. According to WWD, the new scent—crafted under the direction of creative director Sarah Burton with P&G Prestige and fragrance developer Firmenich—is a rich white floral. Its mix of ingredients celebrate essences that flourish at night: jasmine sambac, ylang ylang and tuberose, as well as clove, pink and black pepper and vetiver. Dark, moody, mysterious, feminine—by all accounts, it reflects the brand’s aesthetic.

The Alexander McQueen perfume campaign.

Shot by the moody, shadow-loving maestro himself, Paolo Roversi, the Alexander McQueen Parfum campaign reportedly features model Maartje Verhoef in the darkly magical Fontainebleu forest, outside of Paris in beautiful tangles of branches.

“She’s wearing a dress that resembles a garland of black flowers twisted around her body,” says WWD. “Inspired by the fall collection, it was made by Burton, especially for the campaign. The social media hashtag is #bloomatnight”.

The fragrance video.

We also wanted to share the behind-the-scenes video of the making of the perfume window at Harrod’s Old Bond Street location. It’s a dazzling perfume display, beautiful by day, but truly impressive at night (not unlike those chosen ingredients). Take a watch and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Perfumes incorporating nocturnal-inspired ingredients is a trend. Read about Byredo’s Night Veils Collection for another take.

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