Wear gourmands to spark up date night

Wear gourmands to spark up date night

By Deborah Fulsang

As visions of Valentine’s Day bounce in our heads, we got to thinking about what makes a scent sexy.
In this month of chocolate bon bons, we unearthed some research from a few years ago out of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago that points to sweet and edible notes as capable of firing the heart—and the libido.
Its studies indicate that scents such as lavender, pumpkin pie, donuts and black licorice can do wonders to jumpstart a date—they’ve been found to boost blood flow to the penis by nearly 40 percent.
No wonder gourmand fragrances have enjoyed a heyday over the past 10 years. Can you say Angel?
So in the spirit of good perfume-enhanced chemistry, may we suggest a sampling of scents (with plenty of edible, gourmand notes) to help ensure a terrific Valentine’s Day soirée?

There’s Guerlain’s latest: La Petite Robe Noire, with its tasty ingredient combo of almond, berries and bergamot, black cherry, patchouli, rose, black tea and licorice. $90 (50 ml), www.guerlain.com, www.thebay.com

Consider Nina by Nina Ricci too, the toilette concocted by Olivier Cresp back in 2006, with its fruity-floral-sweet combination of red toffee apple, vanilla, peony, apple wood and musk. $68 (50 ml), www.ninaricci.com, www.thebay.com 

Have you tried
Lancôme’s  La Vie Est Belle yet? The plush, generous-in-spirit perfume with timeless flower notes (iris combined with jasmine and orange blossom) and sultry patchouli; juicy fruit (blackcurrant and pear) and vanilla, tonka bean and praline is quite irresistible. $95 (50 ml), www.lancome.ca, www.thebay.com

There’s also the sexy-by-definition brand Dolce & Gabbana’s new Pour Femme scent, a sultry (read some warm woody notes) fruity-floral with kissable marshmallow and vanilla. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme, $95 (50 ml),
www.dolcegabbana.com, www.thebay.com

And don’t forget the playful
Harajuku Lovers G by Gwen Stefani. The spritz packs lots of charm given its lush fruit (mandarin, apple peel and velvety coconut), its bright floral notes (super-feminine freesia and magnolia) and base of wood and coconut cream. At Shoppers Drug Mart stores. 

All very, very hug-able.

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