Aerin Lauder shares her wedding day perfume advice

Aerin Lauder shares her wedding day perfume advice

We’re in peak wedding season, so we asked the refined and insightful granddaughter of Estee, Aerin Lauder, about the perfume she wore on her wedding day and how a modern-day bride should find her perfect nuptial spritz.

Question: What fragrance did you wear at your wedding and why did you choose it?

AERIN LAUDER: Estée Lauder Beautiful. My grandmother Estee created this fragrance to celebrate a bride on her wedding day. It was one of her favorite fragrances and some of my earliest memories were of her wearing it. It’s feminine, romantic and part of my heritage—it was the perfect choice for my wedding day.

Q: How do you think one should go about deciding what fragrance to wear on your wedding day?

LAUDER: Fragrance is a personal expression of you. Pick a fragrance that has a special meaning—something that evokes personal memories and emotions. Whether it’s the fragrance you wore when you first met your husband-to-be or a fragrance that highlights your favorite flower—it should be something you will never tire of or forget.

AERIN_RoseDeGrasseQ: In your memory of your wedding day, how much of a role did the scent of your flowers play in your wedding day—not just the visual of the chosen flower(s), but their scent?

LAUDER: From a young girl, I have always loved fresh flowers. My earliest memories are related to the scent of various blooms. My wedding day was no different. For my wedding bouquet, I chose one of my favorite flowers, lily of the valley and wore gardenias in my hair. They were beautiful and made my senses come alive—something I will never forget.

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Q: When you think back to your wedding day, how would you describe what that day smelled like?

LAUDER: My wedding was set in the country with tons of fresh flowers. I can still remember the scent of the fresh garden roses during the ceremony, they were all around us.

Q: What makes a perfect wedding-day scent in your opinion?

LAUDER: A timeless scent that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Q: What types or families of fragrances would be best suited for a woman on her wedding day and why do you think so?

LAUDER: I love floral fragrances, in particular fragrances highlighting rose. Women are drawn to how a fragrance makes them feel and rose has unlimited personalities. It can be feminine, yet strong and assertive but is always timeless and epitomizes luxury and elegance.

Q: How connected/similar should your wedding-day fragrance be to your wedding dress? What should thy have in common?

LAUDER: A wedding-day fragrance and dress should be an expression of you. On your wedding day, you should feel like the most beautiful woman in the room so choose a dress and fragrance that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Excerpts from this interview first appeared in The Kit in 2014.


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