What is Cypriol?

What is Cypriol?

By Danielle DesRosiers

Cyperus scariosus, also known as cypriol, and in Hindi as Nagarmotha, is identified by its woody and earthy fragrance, a hybrid scent existing between cedar, vetiver and patchouli with fleeting notes of cinnamon.

Cypriol, the plant, belongs to the papyrus family and grows in the damp jungles of Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in India. Its essential oil is produced through the distillation of its roots. Although highly prized in India for its anti-inflammatory properties, cypriol is loved by fragrance devotees for its signature woody and spicy character.

Cypriol’s power is the stuff of legend. Story has it that has been used for centuries in the spells of Vashikarana (Indian Tantrik teachings). One mantra prescribes it for broken-hearted lovers longing for a fix-all. It was thought that any man applying the oil of cypriol to his forehead would result in him living a long and prosperous love life. 

Scents rich with cypriol include Tom Ford’s Tom Ford For Men, By Kilian Kilian Beyond Love and Lancôme Magnifique. 

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