what is orris (noun), or-ris |ˈôris?

what is orris (noun), or-ris |ˈôris?

By Danielle DesRosiers

Orris is the rhizome of the iris plant, the root from which the absolute oil is extracted to make the fragrant violet-smelling extract used in perfumes, potpourri and even gin. Its odor profile is floral and powdery, dense and slightly dry.

Orris can be found in a multitude of fragrances, but its creation is toilsome due to the time required in production—and the cost—as it takes one ton of orris root to produce just two kilos of essential oil. The root must also be dried for three to five years before use, prompting orris to be regarded as one of the most expensive and prized ingredients in perfumery.

Orris is not just expensive; it’s powerful too. It has, after all, long been used in witchcraft and voodoo. Present day herbalists also insist on its use as a love potion: a mere few drops of orris are believed to possesses th
e ability to attract the affections of one’s love interest.

If you could use a little more affection in your life, why not try a fragrance enriched with the rumoured power of this powerful essence? Hiris by Hermès, Infusion d’iris by Prada, 28 La Pausa by Chanel

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