White hot floral fragrances to wear in the heat of summer

White hot floral fragrances to wear in the heat of summer

By Deborah Fulsang

I love a fresh citrus cologne in the heat of the summer, but I also advocate taking the almost complete opposite olfactory tact when the sun is blazing. Spritz on a heady white floral fragrance and I bet you a bottle of Byredo that you’ll be feeling your sexiest, summery-est best in seconds flat.

White is, after all, always right when it’s 30-plus degrees outside. Just look at fashion. On the runway and the red carpet, the stark non-colour is forever the rage for the warm-weather season.

celebrities wearing white, white floral perfumes for summerWe loved this photo triptych in Hello Magazine last year, showing three beauties – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sharon Stone and Kylie Minogue – all in white. Timeless chic. We think white blooms have the same endless appeal.

There’s Aerin Lauder’s Ikat Jasmine. It’s plush with jasmine, tuberose, honeysuckle and sandalwood. Spritz it and you’re immediately transported to a stroll along a flower-strewn, beachside path in the late afternoon, skin all glowy with beach oil and sunshine. $125 (50 ml), www.esteelauder.com

Take Chanel’s Gardenia from the brand’s Les Exclusifs collection. If the combination of this namesake flower could be expressed alongside flowing white silk, a sparkling late-afternoon cocktail, sunshine and the barest of high heels (all worn on a breezy terrace), it would be this. Creamy and rich and green all at the same time. $280 (200 ml), www.chanel.com

Or Byredo’s Flowerhead. This latest scent from the Stockholm-based perfumer is rich and exotic with an intoxicating heart of wild jasmine sambac, tuberose and rose. It resonates with a sultry amber and suede base too and an almost anise top (thanks to angelica seeds). This is one bold and beautiful fragrance – tailormade we believe for a summer’s day – and night. $220 (100 ml), www.byredo.com

Admittedly, these toilettes are not for the scent-shy among us. They are for a woman who charms with her knack of wearing white (well), her sense of style and her confident point of view on topics ranging from politics to perfume. And don’t we all want to know her?

PHOTO: Elizabeth Taylor in a white swimsuit in director Joseph L Mankiewicz’s film “Suddenly Last Summer”, 1959. Hulton Archive/Getty Images. Red-carpet images: Hello Magazine (Canada)
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