Yurman launches scented pinky rings

Yurman launches scented pinky rings

Pinky rings, typically associated with royalty vs fashionistas, get a scent-sational makeover from David Yurman

Scratch-and-sniff jewellery: For perfume lovers it’s a long overdue concept. Fragrance should be expressive and fun after all: Jewellery designer David Yurman obviously thinks so.

Yurman’s new Bubblegum Pinky Rings come in candy-bright colours and 18k gold and are perfumed with the nostalgic scents of childhood: bubblegum, cotton candy, licorice, mint and grape. And given the host of red-carpet stylists and celebrities alike captured on social media wearing them, they appear to be the next coveted trinket for the in-crowd. Rita Ora, for example, recorded her affection on Instagram, wearing not one but two rings—pink and black.

Pinky rings have a long history of accessorizing royalty and rappers but these latest limited-edition trinkets, although finely crafted with beautifully woven metal and resin in the signet-ring style, appeal more to the lighthearted jewellery fan albeit a fashion-loving one. In keeping with the brand, the rings are refined and not too flashy but they’re seriously cute and modern.

Perfumed pinky rings: ready for preorder

The Pinky Rings will be available September 1, but with all of the insider-fashion types and celebrities test driving them and building demand, savvy Yurman then has made them available for preordering through his site. $875 each. www.davidyurman.com

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