YSL goes to the dark side with Le Vestiaire des Parfums Collection De Nuit

YSL goes to the dark side with Le Vestiaire des Parfums Collection De Nuit

Leather, velvet, vinyl: Yves Saint Laurent embraces an irreverent and moody vibe with its new Collection De Nuit.

When YSL launched Le Vestiaire des Parfums, the focus was on the French brand’s iconic pieces: the trench, the tuxedo, the caftan, the cabane and the safari suit. But now, for an encore, comes Collection de Nuit, three new fragrances which aim to capture the material appeal of fashion itself. Launching this month, YSL reveals Le Vestiaire des Parfums Collection De Nuit, which includes Cuir (leather), Velours (velvet) and Vinyle (vinyl).

We spoke to Rebecca Bertucci, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty & Fragrances Regional Trainer & Account Executive, recently, to learn more.

“The new Collection De Nuit is all about that tactile experience,” says Bertucci. Whereas the original collection of five fragrance focused on certain collections of specific garments, this new one focuses on the raw materials of those collections. It is positioned as the nighttime companion to Les Vestiaires, and it’s true that these scents are a bit darker and more dramatic—though no less refined and exclusive.


“This is all about the mystery of a velvet cape,” says Bertucci. Although the fabric is the focus here, you can’t help but think of a garment too. This is not a short velvet dress or even a velvet blazer. This is a velvet cape. Think mystery and drama. “When you think of a cape and the silhouette, it’s flowing behind you and it hides the wearer,” says Bertucci. Look for notes of amber, vanilla, black tea, pink pepper, jasmine and orris.


Leather. According to Bertucci, this is the fan favourite so far. “I love it so much because when you talk about YSL, his legacy is to be bold, to be edgy, to be daring,” says Bertucci, “and that is rock and roll.” With notes of rum, tobacco and leather, this is very much a rock and roll scent. Osmanthus, gaiac wood, oud, saffron and ginger round out this concoction, which is definitely not for wallflowers.  The woman or man who wears this has no problem slipping on a pair of leather pants—or better yet, doesn’t go anywhere without their black leather motorcycle jacket.


Vinyle is this particular editor’s favourite of the bunch thanks to its mix of divisive notes. Anise oil, myrrh, resin and licorice wood combine with immortelle, bergamot, pink pepper and vanilla bean for a sensual but restrained scent. Think of that classic YSL trench, but done in black vinyl. It’s a little sexier, but just as wearable.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collections De Nuit launches exclusively at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street and Holt Renfrew Square One. $230 (125 ml).

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